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How our pricing works

Supplier wants $100
We earn $10
Renter pays $110

Why our pricing works

Equipment Owners

Get every cent you ask for

Set your own rates and rest easy knowing payouts are automatically sent 48-72 hours after the hire ends. Rental debtors should be a thing of the past.

No subscription or membership fees

There are no secret or hidden fees; simply list your equipment online and get paid, no BS. We're always building awesome new features but these will never take away from our main objective: to get your fleet on-hire and reduce idle time.

Quality control

View previous reviews of the renter and accept or decline any hire requests, without penalty.

Build an even stronger online reputation

Receive and review other directors online. We want bold business leaders who value professionalism, integrity, quality, respect and transparency.

Equipment Renters

Minimal fee, major range

A small service fee helps us reach more local equipment suppliers. This means more options in more locations.

Competitive and transparent hire rates

Compare quality, price and location across local small businesses and hire companies alike.

Skip the pricing ring around

Simple hires shouldn't require complex quoting. View the price upfront and book the equipment on the spot.

Power to choose

Support suppliers who align with your values of quality, customer service and price, using reviews and your repeat business.

Our platform values

Idle Australia is designed to reward high performing companies

Succeed together

You may have more in common with that nearby director than you think. Respect and professional courtesy build reputations that last a lifetime.

We prefer great businesses

Search results are ranked by reviews from previous hires and reward high quality suppliers by raising them to the top of the page.

More than a price tag

We don't support price undercutting. Choose rates, specific to your business needs and be proud of your prices. Let high quality and customer service speak for itself.
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