Top Ten Startup News Articles from 2018

January 31, 2019

Startup News got a reboot in Jan 2018; the first article back (on ‘Idle Australia’) reached over 1,000 people. Out of 250+ articles posted, what were the ten most read stories over the year..?

We had a few goals for 2018: attract some sponsorship money that would pay for university media students to do the writing, launch a podcast and have a ‘pizza and beer’ end of year party to give away some awards and record a live show.

Happy to report we did all that – and more – in 2018.

Meanwhile, traffic and reach grew. Over 65,000 separate people read stories on our website, a tripling from the previous year. Over 1,200 receive our Friday 3pm weekly news summary.

Time on site also grew, to over 2 minutes per session (that’s actually an age on a publishing site).

The most visited pages on the site – apart from articles – were the Events Calendar (another goal for the year was to have one place where you could see all the startup events) and the list of Perth’s co-working spaces.

Over 250 stories and 10 podcasts were published during the year, the top 10 were:

What will 2019 have in store?

Bring us your news. Do you have a launch, a pivot, a raise, an exit, some learnings…? It’s all good. We want to hear, and share…


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