Installing StayOnHire on Windows 7

July 11, 2019

Welcome to the StayOnHire family! Let's explore the basic installation process for older Windows 7 devices.

Getting started (on Windows 7):

1. Download the closed beta using a link we've sent to you personally.

2. Installing the app:

Open the newly downloaded StayOnHire ZIP file

Once opened, go ahead an open the App Installer

Select the 'Run' option

3. Login using your account credentials. For new beta users, we will generate these and send to you via email.

Sign into your new or existing Idle account

This will launch a loading screen

Viola! Welcome to the StayOnHire application!


  • Updating your app: Keep an eye out for a purple circle in your menu in the top right
A quick app ~20 second restart will have your app running smoother than ever!

  • Feedback: Our only expectation that you help us continually improve by submitting ideas, feedback, suggestions and comments using the little green messenger in the bottom right.
Tell us everything that comes to mind and we'll do the best we can to improve continuously.

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Dylan Hrurukvit

Bringing experience as a former electrical supervisor, Dylan oversees business strategy, product development, design and user engagement; with explicit strengths in leadership, planning and UX/UI across Idle Australia and StayOnHire services.

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