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Our History

From humble beginning in 2016, Idle Australia has been processing the short-term rental of equipment throughout Australia, most predominantly in Perth Western Australia. Cutting his teeth as an electrician, Dylan Hrurukvit, recognised the opportunity for collaboration between businesses when considering the utilisation rates and cost of company assets like cable analysers and excavators.

Although our journey has since taken us to landscaping and earthmoving markets and given us many of our proudest and most reliable suppliers. For those who've supported our vision and direction from the beginning, we appreciate it and couldn't ask for better adventurers.

This leads us to the present 2019, where we're currently full steam ahead with a strong focus and commitment to supporting small businesses. Beyond asset inefficiency, we're applying ourselves with a birds-eye view to even bolder challenges within the industry; including better payment terms for all, creating price transparency, fleet management capabilities and online convenience, for an industry under-served with digital innovation.

The Founders


The core foundations of Idle Australia's vision, values, mission and direction are nothing less than the direct result of its co-founders Dylan, James and Tom. With complementary skills spanning business strategy, industry expertise and raw technical talent; we're fuelled by a shared passion for digital innovation and problem-solving difficult real-world inefficiencies.

We keep one ear on the ground and always look forward to meeting new mentors and talented developers interested in catching us for a conversation. Regardless, chances are high we'd love to meet you so reach out and let us know!

Proudly Australian Made, Owned & Operated 🇦🇺

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