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About Us

Where it all started

Over a year ago we became intrigued by the idea there was equipment sitting idle in workshops and yards all across Australia - and we started to wonder if there might be a way for companies to make better use of these valuable assets.

Idle Australia, founded in 2017, is the online marketplace we created in answer to this wondering. It's dedicated to helping individuals and companies utilise and monetise their idle construction assets through an online platform that seamlessly facilitates every hire and lease transaction from start to finish.

It's all for you!

We developed it with you – our users – solely in mind. With no membership, subscription or recurring fees, Idle Australia can be integrated into your business with minimal cost and no obligation.

So what do we get out of it?

Idle Australia takes a small service fee from successful transactions so that we can continually perfect our platform and offering. With this approach, you can be confident that we are always striving to improve our service, performance and support while continuing to innovate in ways that only further benefit our community. Because in the end - our business is built on the success of your business.

What this means, and what we're creating

Competitive hire equipment prices
New revenue
for business
Higher ROI on
company assets
Flexibility to set the price that suits you
Payment released after
 24 hours of hire
Easy to use, fast, reliable and mobile
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